Dear friends

We live in an era of rearrangement and exploitation of energy resources. Healthy children are injured in wars all over the world.

Obviously, for war-waging parties money is of no importance. Milliards are spent on weapon and ammunition.

A share of these expenses could help to save lives of sick children. It concerns not only developing countries but also Germany.

What can we do (!) for Chernobyl victims, children, adolescents and young adults suffering from cancer?

For treatment in their homeland to carry out (!) the following:

  • maintaining of ambulant and stationary therapy
  • building of family centers for meetings and accommodating
  • organizing of information conferences and evenings for patients, family members and friends
  • initiating of training seminars for staff in medical, nursing or psychosocial fields
  • supporting of the institutions and projects for cancer research and preventive medicine, in order to convert basic research results faster into clinical practice